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‚ÄčThe below listed persons are members of the CIArb North American Branch who are on the Approved Faculty List (AFL). The AFL provides formal recognition to CIArb members who want to participate in accordance with our Faculty Regulations to deliver the training modules and associated assessments. Faculty members can take on the role of a tutor, examiner, moderator, course director (Branches only) and/or assessor, and must go through stringent quality assurance processes to be approved and be entered onto the AFL.

 John Rooney English | Spanish
 Carlos F. Concepcion English | Spanish
 Derrick Carson English | Spanish
 Philip W. Engle English | Spanish
John W. Hinchey English
José Antonio Rodríguez Márquez English | Spanish
Luis M. O'Naghten English & Spanish
Ann Ryan Robertson English
Lucy Greenwood English
John W. Garman English
Mandy Aylen English
Eduardo Palmer English
Olga Zalomiy English

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Lucy Greenwood
Chair, North American Branch

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